Brazilian Celebration of Fechner Day

October 23rd, 2023

18-20h30 (Brazilian time)


Welcome to the 6th Brazilian Celebration of Fechner Day-2023. As indicated in the attached poster, we will have as lecturers two renowned researchers in the field of Psychophysics and Perception, Professor Timothy Hubbard from the USA and Professor Dr. Dora Ventura from Brazil.

The links for registration and access to the conferences are also below. The event will be free and online with the issuance of a certificate for those who register in advance.

Thanks and welcome again.

The Organizing Committee:


Maria Angela Guimaraes Feitosa – UnB

Laercia Vasconcelos – UnB

Luis Antonio Monteiro Campos – UCP

Juliana Almeida Da Silva – USP

Rosemary Conceição dos Santos – USP

José Aparecido Da Silva – UnB


Magna Conference 1:

Prof. Dr. Timothy Hubbard - Department of Psychology Arizona State University

"Psychophysics and Mental Representation".


Magna Conference 2

Profa. Dra. Dora Ventura – Instituto de Psicologia, USP - Capital

"Why study the Visual Processes"


Link para Inscrição (registration):

Link para as conferências (access for conferences) :